Folding Cartons

folding cartons, packaging fulfillment

At Cincinnati Printers we acknowledge that folding cartons are not merely boxes. Folding cartons contain intricate die lines such as: printed panels, unprinted areas for glue, scores, cuts, tuck tabs, hinges and flaps for containment and display purposes. In return, the folding carton should visually market the product inside while offering security and convenience. With over 25 years of experience, we have seen it all!

Folding Carton Advantages:

  • Prints up to 6 Colors on Both Outside and Inside
  • Calipers Range From 12pt up to 24pt SBS C1S or C2S
  • Flat Sizes up to 23 x 36”
  • Hanging, Stand Alone and Multi-Piece Options Available
  • Accepts Intricate and Unique Die Cutting
  • Aqueous, UV and Specialty Finishes Available
  • Folding, Gluing and Windowing Available
  • Large Quantity Price Breaks
  • In-House Kitting, Fulfillment and Distribution
  • Environmentally Sustainable Packaging Materials Available
  • In-House Structural Packaging and Graphic Design Assistance

Cincinnati Printers will not print artwork from a client that does not work in production standards. All projects are subject to a real life print and assemble test; and if your dieline doesn’t pass, we will fix it.

Dedicated Folding Cartons Combo

Cincinnati Printers offers dedicated combination press runs for small folding cartons of multiple skus that use the same dieline and contain graphics in the same color family. This style of printing allows you to switch skus and quantities of each sku per order based on a 500 sheet minimum press run. Our estimators will work directly with you to determine the most sensible and economical approach to each order.